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Upcoming events

Reading Session with CPERG

2nd of December, 1 PM until 2 PM UK Time.
Online, Teams.

Discussion on Clive Herber's "Building Back Better? Peace Education in Post-Conflict Africa"

Past events

Peace Walk and Talk with CPERG

19th of November, 10 AM until 12 PM.
Location: CU Botanic Garden (Hills Road Entrance).

Register by the 1
8th of November, 5 PM.

Movie Screening with CPERG

"For Sama"

11th of November at 5 PM (screening), 6:30-7:30 PM discussion. Location TBC.

Teatime with CPERG

9th November, 1-2 PM. Online (MS Teams).

No registration is required. Just tune in on the day!

More information and the link to join, below.

Induction to CPERG

19th of October at 1 PM, GS1 Faculty of Education. Or join online.

Deadline to register - 18th of October, 11:59 PM.

29 June 2022, 1 PM UK Time

Art-in-nature Education

Nomisha Kurian, CPERG Former Co-Chair

15 June 2022, 1 PM UK Time

Creative Work to Challenge Men's Violence

Will Mclnerney, CPERG Former Co-Chair

16 Mar 2022, 6 PM UK Time

My Journey with Peace Education

Myuri Komaragiri, Education Policy Analyst at Global Affairs Canada

25 May 2022, 1 PM UK Time

Reflecting with Hilary Cremin: New directions for positive peace

Professor Hilary Cremin, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

23 Feb 2022, 1 PM UK Time

Building the Future of the School

Rosina Dorelli, CEO of The Da Vinci Life Skills

2 Feb 2022, 6 PM UK Time

The story of the Living Peace Museum

Dr. Kimberly Baker

28 Jan 2022, 11 AM UK Time

CPERG Peace Walk and Talk


1 Dec 2021, 2 PM UK Time

My journey to peace education and facilitation

Dr Norbert Koppensteiner

17 Nov 2021, 6 PM UK Time

Carl Rogers' Person Centred Approach/ Research that contributes to positive peace

CPERG & Nottingham University

10 Nov 2021, 6 PM UK Time

Peer-led Peace Workshop

Dr Tim Archer

3rd Nov 2021, 1 PM UK Time

In-person Teatime


Faculty of Education

27 Oct 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Podcasting and data music as sonic methods

Simone Eringfeld

Cambridge University graduate and independent researcher

20 Oct 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Induction to CPERG


University of Cambridge

13 Oct 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Positive Peace and Pandemics

Professor Hilary Cremin

University of Cambridge

30 June 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Peace Building or pacification? From Northern Ireland to Palestine

Dr Brendan Ciaran Browne

Trinity College Dublin

2 June 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Following the Inquiry: Methodological and Intellectual Journeys in Refugee Education

Dr Sarah Dryden-Peterson

Harvard University

26 May 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Youth: The Missing Peace

United Network of Young Peacebuilders


19 May 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Linking Resilience to peacebuilding in Humanitarian contexts

Dr Catherine Panter-Brick

Yale University

28 April 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Actions for Happiness: An interactive wellbeing workshop

Joshua French

Actions for Happiness Org

24 Mar 2021, 1 PM UK Time

"Gentle Protest": Slow and Joyful Activism

Sarah Corbett

Craftivist Collective Org

17 Feb 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Navigating Education and Belonging for Refugees in Lebanon

Dr Vidur Chopra

Harvard University

28 April 2021, 1 PM UK Time

Peace Education in Formal Schools: why is it important and how can be done?

International Alert

British Council and CPERG

25 Nov 2020, 1 PM UK Time

By Refugees, for Refugees

Patrick Muvunga

Nakivale Refugee Camp

11 Nov 2020, 1 PM UK Time

Games, Conflict and System Change

Dr Luke Roberts

University of Cambridge

28 Oct 2020, 1 PM UK Time

Peace Through Health

Dr Neil Arya

PEGASUS Global Health

12 Feb 2020, 1 PM UK Time

Engaging Young People Positively in Peace Work

Dr Phill Gittins

World Beyond War

27 May 2020, 1 PM UK Time

Covid 19 and Peacebuilding Organisations: Challenges and Opportunities

Dr Mohanned Al Arabiat

Generations for Peace

23 Jan 2020, 1 PM UK Time


Dr kate Moriarty

Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)