The story of the Living Peace Museum

The story of the Living Peace Museum

Dr. Kimberly Baker – Society Chair The Living Peace Museum

2 Feb 2022, 6 PM UK Time

Online Event - Registration needed

Dr. Kimberly Baker is an art, culture and heritage educator. She holds a PhD from The University of British Columbia, Faculty of Education, Curriculum Studies with a specialization in art and museum education. Her research work focuses on culturally responsive museum education practices and peace heritage traditions in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2018, Kimberly founded The Living Peace Museum in Canada. She aims to encourage cultural understanding and peace initiatives through arts, culture and heritage education.

Peace heritage traditions continue to exist within every culture. Since time immemorial, ancient civilizations have developed peace-making traditions to resolve conflict. In this session, Dr. Kimberly Baker shares the story of how The Living Peace Museum Society (LPM) developed to encourage culturally diverse understandings of peace. This presentation focuses on how the Living Peace Museum differs from mainstream peace museums by emphasizing Indigenous peace heritage traditions, material culture, expressive arts, and education to encourage reconciliation, peace and healing.

Living Peace Museum Board Members: Back Row: Okech Lomudak, Golmhre Kazari, Brooke Lees, Roberta Price, Tim Nishibata, Front Row: Kimberly Baker, Sultan Somjee; Absent: Ken Inaba