Art-in-nature education

Art-in-nature Education

Nomisha Kurian, CPERG Former Co-Chair

29 June 2022, 1 PM UK Time

Online Event - Registration needed

This seminar explores art-in-nature education via a case study of ‘Pocket Adventures’. 'Pocket Adventures' was led by the creative organisation Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI) with artists, educators, and Nomi as a CCI Community Ambassador. 12 four and five-year-old Nursery and Reception pupils, and 4 Year 5 pupils as peer mentors, participated in Pocket Adventures over 6 sessions in Bramblefields Nature Reserve. Pocket Adventures followed CCI's principles of Artscaping: to affect and be affected by art and nature and space; to create a response from materials and feelings in order to express new ideas; and to enhance the environment in ways that delight. Foregrounding young children's voices and their fantastical imaginings, the seminar will explore how nature and arts-based ways of knowing and being can open up new possibilities for creativity and wellbeing in education, particularly in the crucial, formative early years of children's lives.