Podcasting and data music as sonic methods for re-embodying research during and after COVID

Podcasting and data music as sonic methods for re-embodying research during and after COVID

Simone Eringfeld

Cambridge University graduate and independent researcher

Online event- Zoom- Registration closed

Covid-19 has required HE lecturers and researchers to develop new ways of teaching, learning and doing research, often via digital means. Yet while we have largely been able to continue with our core academic activities of reading and writing, the lack of face-to-face interaction has made it a lot more difficult to continue speaking with and listening to one another, engage in conversations or conduct interviews. In a post-Covid academy, how can we creatively go about facilitating 'spoken words' and sonic interactions in digital environments? This talk explores podcasting as a new action research method and sonic elicitation technique for interviews. In addition, Simone illustrates how spoken word performance and the production of 'data music' (data-driven song writing and music production) can be used to creatively communicate research outcomes for a wide audience through open-access platforms. To do so, she will draw on her own experiences researching possible futures of the post-Covid University during the pandemic. This work forms part of an activistic effort to challenge the hegemony of the written word in academic practices, as well as to promote more vocal, bodily and multisensory approaches to educational research in order to advance more embodied forms of knowledge. *This event will include poetry, music and performance.*

Simone Eringfeld is an educationist, artist-researcher, poet and musician whose work explores new ways to blend academia with art. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a master's degree in Education in 2020. Her thesis on the future of the post-Covid University, which used podcasting as its principal research method, won the BERA Master's Dissertation Award (1st Prize, 2021). In April 2021 she released her first spoken word music EP titled 'Please Hold', in which she presented data from her research at Cambridge. Her most recent work has focused on developing podcasting as an action research method and 'data music' as a new way of communicating research results. Simone tweets @SimoneEringfeld