Positive Peace Cambridge

Introduction to positive peace and how it can be operationalised in schools, based on the work of CPERG co-founder and Senior Advisor Prof Hilary Cremin and former co-chair Roy Leighton 

7th June 2023, 1 PM UK Time

Hybrid event - Registration needed (deadline 16th of June 23:59 GMT)

Positive Peace Cambridge is a social enterprise created by current and former peace education scholars from Cambridge University and members of Cambridge Peace Education Research Group (CPERG).

You can find out more about Positive Peace Cambridge HERE.

During the event, Chair of CPERG Prof Hilary Cremin and former co-chair Roy Leighton will introduce participants to the concept of positive peace and how it can be operationalised in schools. They will also share initial findings and experiences from working with schools since the launch of the project in 2022.

The event will take place in person at the Mary Allan Building room 106, Homerton College. You are also welcome to join on Zoom, under this link: 


Passcode:  205965

About the Speakers

Prof Hilary Cremin

Prof Hilary Cremin is head of the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge and the co-founder of the Cambridge Peace Education Research Group (CPERG). She researches and teaches peacebuilding, in and through education, in settings in the UK and elsewhere. She has worked in the public, private and voluntary sectors as a school teacher, educational consultant, project coordinator and academic. Her latest book with Terence Bevington is Positive Peace in Schools: Tackling Conflict and Creating a Culture of Peace in the Classroom, published by Routledge.

Roy Leighton

Roy Leighton holds an MPhil from Cambridge University in Knowledge, Power and Politics, is an advisory board member for the Da Vinci Life-Skills School Cambridge and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. As a senior associate at Independent Thinking and the CEO of Undiscovered Country, he works with schools, universities, businesses, and communities in the U.K. and internationally to develop cultures of 'positive peace' and play. He is the co-author of eight books on education, creativity, spirituality and change management. n 1991 he was awarded the Min-on Peace Award.