CPERG Nomination 22-23

Dear all,

The time has come around again for new people to apply to be co-chairs of CPERG in the academic year 2022-23. We will be holding interviews online on 18th July in the late morning. We are now inviting you, therefore, to put yourself forward! This document sets out the main roles and what is involved. Please feel free to reach out to current co-chairs to find out more (copied in CC).

Please make your application by Monday 11th July. We would like a short email saying why you would like to be a CPERG co-chair, which role you are particularly interested in, and what you have to offer. We will let you know later that week if we are proceeding further with your application. As many of CPERG’s activities take place online, it is not a requirement to be based in Cambridge to apply for these roles. We would like some Cambridge-based co-chairs, however. Please send your email directly to Hilary Cremin (hc331@cam.ac.uk)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

CPERG co-chairs.