Lin Wai Phyo (Kevin Lim) - Co-Chair Seminar and events

Lin Wai (Kevin) Phyo is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education in Cambridge. His research focuses on ethnic and social class inequalities of access, opportunity, and outcome in higher education, particularly identifying when and where policy interventions are most needed to reduce such inequalities in Myanmar. He holds an MPhil in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from Cambridge, examining the patterns of higher education access in Myanmar across policies implemented before and after the 2012 education reform. Before pursuing his postgraduate degrees, Kevin completed his undergraduate degree in Thailand with a double major in Psychology and Management and a minor in International Relations. Later, he worked as a teacher, student welfare officer, and research assistant back in his country. Kevin is also a volunteer teacher, launching and organising events and teaching programmes for students from impoverished regions in Myanmar and Thailand. He is a Jardine and Cambridge Trust scholar.

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