Dr. Jwalin Patel

Dr Jwalin Patel is a research scholar who also works in the developmental / social action sector. He is an ESRC Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Cambridge and a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Homerton College. He is particularly interested in educational philosophy, classroom pedagogy and teacher professional development. His current work (www.osf.io/ufvyr) focuses on holistic purposes of education like learning to live together or its local equivalents like education of the heart, social emotional learning and global citizenship education. He specifically explores classroom and school wide ethos and practices that underpin learning to live together, and interventions in the global south that bring about learning to live together. His previous work focused on cognitive development in children, while he remains interested in exploring the links between social emotional learning and cognitive development. Simultaneously, he is actively involved in grassroots level educational reform and is the president of a charity (www.tideinternational.org) in India where they have impacted over 17,500+ students since 2014 through a range of multiyear programs including evening schools, teacher professional development, school improvement and self-directed learning material development. Furthermore, he is also an education and international development consultant supporting various Indian and global education focused organizations that work on social emotional learning, peace education, teacher capacity development and teacher wellbeing.